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Nov. 19th, 2001 09:06 am
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I am so not a morning person ... Olof laughs at me because I consider getting up at 9 o'clock getting up "early." Honestly, that is the earliest that I consider it even remotely acceptable to think about getting out of bed! A year or so ago, Lydia got a time-telling book as a present, and it has a clock you can move the hands around on. Anyway, one day she was "reading" it to herself, and I heard her say, "11 o' clock, time to wake up!" At that moment I knew she was truly a child after my own heart. :)
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Earlier I complained about how the afternoon seemed so long, then all of a sudden it's past midnight! I did end up finding something to watch on TV - that movie Stepmom, where Susan Sarandon is dying of cancer and Julia Roberts is going to end up being the stepmom to the kids. It was so sad! I think I cried through half of it, and Lydia came in and watched the last twenty minutes or so with me. I usually try not to cry in front of her, but I couldn't help it with this movie ... I probably should have turned it off, since she's been sort of sensitive and worried about people dying lately. I don't know what to tell her when she asks me if I'm going to die, since she freaks out so easily. I don't know whether or not it's bad parenting, but mostly I tell her not to worry and that I'm not going to die ... she's only five, and I don't think it's necessary to force all the cold, hard facts onto her right now. She'll find out all of that stuff soon enough, anyway ...

On a much, much brighter note, I found my crochet hooks! I lost my bag of hooks over a month ago, and it's been driving me crazy not to start any new projects. I've been wanting to make a winter hat for myself, but the big hook that I need was in the missing bag - now I can get started on something! I've been making doilies lately with a hook I borrowed from Leslie, but working on the same type of project week after week can get pretty boring ...

Now I'm off to try to talk Olof into turning off his computer and coming to bed, since I have to get up early for my Swedish class tomorrow.
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Weekend afternoons seem to drag on forever ... I don't usually have anything planned, and Olov usually spends all day in front of the computer, and there's nothing good on TV to look forward to in the evenings. He watches Star Trek on Sundays, but I'm not really into that. I miss when Twin Peaks used to be on both Saturday and Sunday nights.

TV in Sweden really sucks in that there's no apparent rhyme or reason to the programming schedules. They show some good shows here, but they start and stop without warning, or take long breaks in the middle of the season. Take Boston Public for instance: TV4 started showing it in September, showed the first ten episodes, then announced last week that the "season" was over, and now they're running some Swedish talk show in it's place for at least the next five weeks. Who knows when Boston Public will be back - by the time they do get around to showing it again, I will probably have forgotten to be on the lookout for it and I'll miss a bunch of episodes or something! And I just found out that Ed is pre-empted for the next two weeks for a two-part Third Watch special - ack! It's impossible to get into a TV-watching rhythm here!


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